Cedar Grove United Methodist Church App 
Available as of September 15, 2016.
bell300      (the app icon looks like this in your app store)
Installation instructions:
On your mobile device (smart phone or tablet)) go to your App store:
(Here are the direct links to the Cedar Grove United Methodist Church App)  It is now available at the App Store!
googleplay        0r  the Apple          applestore
Search for “Cedar Grove United Methodist Church” (You won’t need to search if you use the links above from your mobile device.)
You should find this app:     bell300     with a description of Cedar Grove.
You will also see the following screen shots in your app store preview.:
appopening      appaboutscreenshot      appsermscreenshot      appannscreenshot
Choose to “Get” the app.  (It’s Free!!) and install it on your device.  If asked, allow “push notifications” if you want alerts of new announcements, sermons, etc. as they are published to the website.
Open the app once it’s installed.  
appopening       appfirstmenu
Choose from the menu items which include the following:
About Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove Website Link
Calendar Link
Enjoy and stay in touch with Cedar Grove. 
The Cedar Grove App is now available at both the Apple and Google Play app stores. 
Important Note: You must choose to “Download” a sermon before you can choose to “Play” it.  If you choose to just play it, the app will close.