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Five simple candles tell the story of Christ’s birth and the reasons God sent His only Son to earth….
The candle of Hope reminds us of the prophets’ words and the promises they shared with all those who heard.
The candle of PEACE reminds us to prepare our hearts, because it is within us that true worship starts.
The candle of Joy reminds us how the angels came to announce God’s news and glorify His name.
The candle of LOVE is our response to God’s Son as we so humbly thank Him for all He has done.
The final candle stands tall above all the rest, because it is for the ONE who is brightest and best…the candle of CHRIST reminds us of the reason we rejoice and celebrate in the Christmas season.
By Holley Gerth
First Sunday of Advent: Hope
We had a wonderful service on the first Sunday of Advent with the lighting of the first Advent Candle as well as the baptism of two children with a Thanksgiving Dinner to follow.


 Choir Anthem:  
Second Sunday of Advent: Peace
Another wonderful Advent service.  Lighting of the second Advent candle, Praise Team, Adult Choir, Sermon, and Communion all in preparation for the coming of our Lord.
Praise Team:
Choir Anthem: 
Third Sunday of Advent: Joy
The third Sunday of Advent included the lighting the “Joy” advent candle and songs by both the Praise Team and the Adult Choir and a sermon by Pastor Beth on the Joy that Mary experienced in carrying the Christ child.   The day concluded with our annual Christmas dinner, a play by our youth group, and a visit from that old fellow in red and white.
Forth Sunday of Advent: Love

The forth Sunday of Advent the Walker family lit the candle of “Love”.  Pastor Beth was out of town so we were honored to have our district superintendent, Rick DeQuasie, bring the word, “Emmanuel”…God with us.  The Praise Team and Choir both blessed us with song.

Praise Team:
Choir Anthem:

Christmas Eve Service

We had a wonderful Christmas eve service which included April Love singing a beautiful version of  “O Holy Night” followed by Pastor Beth and the “ABC’s of Christmas”.   The Barbarows lit the Christ candle and then we gathered in a circle and sang “Silent Night, Holy Night” as we lit our candles.  In case you missed it, the service is available below.

Christmas Eve Service: “The ABC’s of Christmas” 


Christmas Day Service:

Our Christmas Day Service consisted of two anthems from the adult choir, the lighting of the Christmas candle,  and viewing of an excerpt from the movie “The Nativity Story”, reminding us of the struggle that Mary and Joseph went through to deliver the Christ Child into the world.  The congregation joined in singing several Christmas hymns in the service.  Since the sermon was the movie, this weeks sermon on the website will only be the reading of the scripture by Pastor Beth.


Sermon:  John 1:1-14
Choir Anthem: “Great Joy Medley”